Feature Update: Enhanced Location Subscription Cancellation Flow 🌟

We’re excited to introduce a more user-friendly and flexible subscription cancellation process for SaaS Sub-accounts. Here’s everything you need to know!

New Features

# 🗓️ End-of-Billing-Cycle Cancellation

– Now, when a SaaS Sub-account cancels their subscription, it will be scheduled for cancellation at the end of the current billing cycle by default, instead of being canceled immediately.

– Prior to this update, canceling a subscription would terminate it immediately. This led to unexpected service interruptions for Sub-account users and extra work for agency admins in issuing refunds or reactivating subscriptions.

What’s New 🔄

# ✅ Scheduled Cancellation

– Subscriptions will now be marked for cancellation at the end of the current billing cycle by default, giving users more time to wrap up any ongoing tasks.

# 🚀 More Control

– Sub-account admins and agency users can still choose to cancel the subscription immediately if they wish.

# 💰 Change Your Mind? No Problem!

– If users decide they want to keep the subscription after all, they have the option to cancel the scheduled cancellation before the end of the billing cycle.

We believe this new feature will make the subscription cancellation process much smoother for all our users. 🎉

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