Feature Update: Enhanced Drag and Drop Email Template Editor in Workflows

We’re thrilled to announce an improvement we made in Email builder integration to ensure a seamless experience in Workflows! With this update, users can now both save changes and save them as new templates when using the Email Template Builder within Workflows.

What’s New? 🚀

Save as New: Create fresh templates based on your edits without altering the original.

Preserve Originals: Your original templates remain intact while you experiment with changes.

Why It Matters? 💃

Flexibility: Tailor templates to specific needs without starting from scratch.

Efficiency: Streamline your email workflow with these new options.

Where Can You See It? 😎

1. Under Workflows > Open the *Email Action*

2. Choose a Template from the drop-down

3. Click on the Edit option on the Thumbnail

4. Make the required edits and Save as new Template

5. Specify the name of the new template

Note: In other integrations (Like Template builder integration with Contacts), we still support only the Save option.

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