Feature Update: Enhanced Control for Agencies: Hide ‘App Marketplace’ from Sub-Accounts 🌟

In our ongoing effort to provide more tailored experiences for our customers, we’re excited to announce a new feature based on your valuable feedback and our team’s innovative brainstorming.

🪄 What’s New?

Enhanced Privacy Control: White label agencies now have the option to toggle the visibility of the ‘App Marketplace’ for their sub-account users.

Streamlined User Interface: If you choose to hide or disable it, sub-account admins or users will no longer see the ‘App Marketplace’ menu option. This prevents them from viewing or installing apps, ensuring a more focused and customized interface.

Agency Admins Retain Full Access: The ‘App Marketplace’ menu option will remain visible and accessible to agency admins or owners. This feature ensures that while you can manage and install apps at the sub-account level, your sub-account users won’t be able to see or interact with these installed apps.

Specific to White Label Agencies: The option to hide ‘App Marketplace’ is applicable only for white-label agencies.

We hope this enhancement empowers you with more control and customization in managing your sub-accounts.

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