Feature Update: Enhanced Auto-Pilot Mode with Customizable Sleep Timer

We are delighted to announce a new enhancement in the Auto-pilot mode of the Conversation AI Bot. This update is all about empowering the user with more control over the bot’s sleep settings, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with the operational needs.

🪄 What’s New?

Extended Sleep Time Limit: You can now set the sleep time for up to 48 hours, allowing for longer periods of inactivity as needed. This feature is perfect for accommodating longer periods of inactivity as required by the business.

Option to Disable Sleep: For those who require continuous operation, we’ve added the option to turn off the sleep functionality completely. This ensures that the AI Bot is always ready to engage without interruptions.

These updates are designed to provide greater flexibility and control over how the Auto-pilot mode functions, adapting perfectly to the unique business dynamics.

Enjoy the new level of customization to enhance the AI Bot’s efficiency!

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