Feature Update: Email Verification for Forms and Surveys πŸš€πŸš€

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Email Verification feature for our Forms and Surveys module. This new functionality allows form and survey participants to verify their email addresses directly within the form or survey, enhancing the integrity of the data collected and providing a more seamless user experience.

🚩 What’s New? 🚩

Email Verification Button: A β€œVerify Email” button is now displayed next to the email input field in forms and surveys.

Verification Code: Users receive a unique verification code via email, which they need to enter into the form to confirm their email address.

Enhanced Data Accuracy: This feature aims to minimize errors and fraudulent submissions by ensuring that the email addresses collected are valid and accessible by the users.

User-Friendly Process: Designed to be intuitive, guiding users through the verification process smoothly.

Verified Email Field: In addition to the email verification feature, we’ve introduced a β€œVerified Email” field in form and survey submissions. When an email is successfully verified, it will be marked as β€œYes” under the β€œVerified Email” field, allowing for easy identification of verified email addresses.

🌟How It Works?🌟

– Users will enter their email address in the designated field of a form or survey.

– Upon entering a valid email, the β€œVerify Email” button will become visible.

– Clicking this button sends a verification code to the user’s email.

– Users must enter this code back into the form or survey to verify their email address.

🀩 Why This Feature? 🀩

The introduction of email verification is a response to the need to generate more quality leads. By ensuring email addresses are verified, we can significantly reduce the chances of receiving inaccurate data, thus benefiting both the data collectors and the participants.

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