Feature Update: Email Signature Fixes and Improved Formatting 📧

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are excited to announce an important update to Conversations, specifically focusing on fixing issues with email signature formatting and rendering.

What’s New 🌟

1 . Email Signature Formatting & Rendering Fixes ✍️

Previously: Users were experiencing formatting issues with email signatures due to the TipTap editor. This affected the new email composer on the Conversations page and email signatures added by sub-account users on the My Profile page.

Resolution: We’ve tackled all the major formatting challenges tied to the TipTap editor.

2 . Activation from Labs 🛠️

– Customers can now activate the ‘New Message Composer* and the ‘Profile V2‘ feature from Labs to begin using these improvements without any issues.

Important Note 📝

With this update, email signatures will render correctly, resolving a primary concern that made many hesitate to enable these features.

We hope these changes make the experience with Conversations smoother and more efficient. Thank you for your feedback! 🎉

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