Feature Update: Elevate Your Email Experience with Loom Video Support πŸš€πŸš€

Why We Did It? πŸ€—

Responding to user demands and the growing trend of Loom adoption, we’ve enhanced your email-building journey. This update empowers you to effortlessly embed Loom videos, ensuring your content remains dynamic and engaging.


User-Driven Enhancement: This update is a direct result of the user community’s active participation and feedback.

Richer Content Experience: Incorporating Loom videos enables users to create more engaging and dynamic content.

Increased Adoption: Users can seamlessly integrate Loom videos into their email campaigns, tapping into the platform’s robust capabilities. Increases adoption from Loom’s active user base.

How to Do It? πŸš€

1. Navigate to the Email Marketing Section and open any draft campaign or template

2. Access and add the Video Element Within the Email Builder, navigate to the Video Element section, and drag it to your email.

3. Choose Loom in the Video Type Option![image (38)](https://canny.io/images/f173b1b62c423b592ddd06f1cf590308.png)

4. Paste the Loom Video Link under the Video URL section

5. Similarly update the desired thumbnail if you wish to change the default one added automatically with the Video URL!

6. (Please note that for older videos without a GIF version, a static thumbnail will be generated.)

7. Update the other available styling settings.

8. Preview and Optimize: Preview the video within the email builder to ensure it aligns with your design.

Embrace the power of Loom videos in your emails, and elevate your content creation experience!

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