Feature Update: Elevate Lead Management: Introducing LinkedIn Integration! 🔗

Great news for your clients! The team is proud to present the LinkedIn lead integration, a feature meticulously crafted to enhance lead management processes.

🆕 What’s New?

Streamlined Lead Import: Users can connect their LinkedIn accounts and watch as leads are effortlessly integrated into the CRM.

LinkedIn Lead Ads Integration: Just as users have done with Facebook and TikTok, they can now channel leads from LinkedIn lead ads directly into the CRM.

Capability to Handle Multiple LinkedIn Accounts: Users have the freedom to link multiple LinkedIn Pages or Ad accounts at the sub-account level, with no restrictions on the number of accounts. 🔄

Customizable Syncing Options: The platform offers flexibility in lead syncing. Users can opt to import leads from the past 90 days or focus on new leads only. ⏰

🛠️ How to Implement:

Activate the Feature: Users should navigate to Labs settings and enable the LinkedIn Integration.

Initiate Connection to LinkedIn: On the integrations page, there’s an option to click “Connect” next to LinkedIn.

Authorize the Account: By logging into LinkedIn and granting the necessary permissions, users can ensure a smooth integration.

Specify Preferences: Users can select their desired ad accounts and set their preferred sync time (All leads or New leads only).

Establish the Connection: By clicking “Connect,” the integration process is set in motion.

Field Mapping: Users can visit the form field mapping section and adjust the fields to their requirements.

Lead Collection: Once set up, leads will automatically populate in the contacts section.

📚 Explore more on LinkedIn Integration here 👈

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