Feature Update: Easy Management of Documents and Contracts within Contacts

What’s New? / Key Features / Benefits

– Documents and Contracts will now be available in the document management section under Contacts

– This will list documents associated with the contact irrespective of the criteria that the contact was a primary or a secondary recipient

– Sent and Completed documents will be listed here. The listed document’s name will be hyperlinked with the associated document inside the builder.

– Users will be able to download the PDF, view the source of documents, and copy links in case of sent documents

How to Use?

– Go to a Contact

– Click on the Document Management Icon

– Under All tab: View Documents and their status. Also, get the ability to Download, View the source in the editor, and copy links in case of send documents

– Get all documents in a folder within the Sent Tab

Why This Feature?

– Users will now be easily able to manage documents and contracts related to a particular contact

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