Feature Update: Domain Connect Now Supports Seamless URL Redirects for www Domains πŸš€πŸš€

We are excited to bring you the latest feature in our Domain Connect service.

This new update introduces a user-friendly way to implement URL redirects with wildcard “*” support for www domains, making domain management even more effortless.

🚩 What’s New? 🚩

– Domain Connect now allows users to easily set up URL redirects for entire www subdomains, streamlining the process and reducing the need for manual DNS configuration.

🌟 Pain Point Solved 🌟

No more wrestling with complex DNS settings for URL redirects. Our latest update simplifies this process, providing an automated solution for redirecting all subpaths from a www domain.

πŸ€— Why This Update Is a Game-Changer πŸ€—

Time Conservation: Reduces the time spent by support teams on domain-related issues.

Market Coverage: Ensures that a significant portion of domains added to our platform can take advantage of this new feature.

🀩 Benefits of the Enhanced Domain Connect 🀩

Simplified Setup: Automates the URL redirect setup for www domains.

Time-Saving: Users can quickly establish desired redirects without hassle.

Enhanced Security: Provides a secure method for managing domain redirects.

Flexibility: Allows for seamless connection to various services and applications.

How It Works?

– Navigate to the Domain tab and choose Add Domain.

– Enter your root domain or subdomain.

– Use the toggle option if you’re including “www” to decide whether to add the root domain.

– Click Next.

– Upon clicking Authorize, the system will automatically handle DNS record creation.

– After authorization, return to Domain Connect.

– The system will have updated the necessary entries for your domain’s connection.

– For domains hosted elsewhere, manual configuration is still available.

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