Feature Update: Developer Platform – Ability to Monitor the Latest Product Updates

Developers and integrators now can view and monitor all product updates related to the marketplace seamlessly in one place.

What’s New?

– We have embedded the Canny Changelog into the developer platform.

– Any changelog tagged with App Marketplace will now be visible at the marketplace platform level.

– Our customers, including developers and integrators, can click on product updates to view the initial details and can expand them to get full information.

Why this was important?

Developer and Integrator Support: As our app marketplace scales, there’s a continuous need for developers and integrators to seamlessly track new product and feature releases.

Enhanced Visibility and Update Capability: This initiative not only facilitates timely app updates in sync with the latest platform offerings but also improves overall visibility into current platform features.

Effective Communication in API-First Transition: As we head towards the API-first platform, clear and consistent communication of public API releases is crucial, ensuring our developer community is well-informed during our shift towards an API-first approach.

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