Feature Update: Delete Sub-Accounts Twilio Connection, Numbers and Campaigns and Additional Product Enhancements and Bug Fixes 🚫

We are excited to announce the release of the capability to delete campaigns and numbers for LC Phone-managed sub-accounts. Here’s what’s included in this release:

1. The Delete Connection button will also be available for all the LC Phone managed accounts, meaning one click delete all the re-occurring fees in case a user churns out.

2. Every LC sub-account will have the below options for deletion:

– ⛔ Unlink the existing Teelphony connection in case the accounts seem a bit suspicious.

– ⛔ Delete all the numbers at once available in the sub-account.

– ⛔ Delete all the registered campaigns to avoid re-occurring charges same as above.

🌟 Where can I access the delete button?

Step 1: Navigate to Agency Settings > Click “Phone Integration” > Search for the desired location and Click “Edit“.

Step 2. Here, you can select the desired options based on the requirement and type Delete to perform the action.

NOTE – This action is irreversible.

Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

A2P Registration: – In case of Sole Prop Campaign Registration failures, we will delete the failed campaign and submit a new one to avoid rejections with Unknown errors.

Toll-Free Registration: – Fixed issue with incorrect status showing in GHL UI when a TF registration was rejected and deleted by the carriers, it used to show pending review.

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