Feature Update: Custom Values Support in Links in Forms and Surveys 🤩

🚀🚀 Custom Values Support in Links 🚀🚀

We are excited to introduce a powerful enhancement to our Form and Survey Builder, empowering you to create more dynamic and personalized experiences for your respondents.

With the latest update, custom values are now supported in links, allowing you to tailor the user journey with unprecedented flexibility.

🥳 Key Benefits 🥳

Personalized Redirects: Tailor the redirection experience based on user responses. Direct respondents to specific pages or content based on their choices within the form or survey.

Dynamic URLs: Craft dynamic URLs by incorporating respondent input into the link structure. This enables you to generate unique URLs on the fly, dynamically adapting to user-provided information.

Parameterized Data: Pass custom parameters in links to seamlessly integrate form or survey data with external systems, databases, or analytics tools. Unlock the potential for deeper data analysis and integration possibilities.

🔥🔥 Get Started 🔥🔥

– Open any form or survey in the builder.

– In the Terms and Conditions text, click on the link, add custom value in input similarly in conditional logic, on submit.

– Save and Preview. will be replaced with the actual value in the link.

😇 Area of Use 😇

– Terms and Conditions

– Conditional Logic

– On Submit Action

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