Feature Update: Custom Modules / Menu Links: Elevate Mobile App Experience with Personalized Navigation 📱

We’re thrilled to introduce a new feature in the Whitelabel Mobile App Customizer: Custom Modules.

– With this update, you can now enhance your mobile app’s user experience by adding custom modules to the app’s navigation menus. This feature allows you to create a more personalized and tailored experience for your app users, making it easier than ever to provide the content and links that matter most to them.

🔑 Key Features

Icon, Title, and URL: For each custom module, you can set a unique icon, title, and URL. This makes it easy to create a visually appealing and user-friendly menu that provides quick access to the links and content you want to showcase.

Browser or In-App: You have the option to choose whether the module link opens in a mobile browser or within the app itself. This flexibility ensures that users have a seamless and consistent experience when navigating your app.

Customize Your Navigation: You can now add custom modules to your mobile app’s navigation menu or drawer, giving you the flexibility to arrange and present your content in a way that suits your brand.

🛠️ How to Add Custom Modules to Your App

1 . Head over to the Whitelabel Mobile App Customizer.

2 . Navigate to the Modules section.

3 . Click on Add Custom Module.

4 . Fill in the module details:

Icon: Select an icon for the module from 100’s of icons.

Title: Provide a clear and concise title for the module.

URL: Enter the destination URL for the module.

5 . Choose the link behavior: Select whether the link should open in a mobile browser or within the app.

6 . Save your custom module.

7 . Arrange the order of custom modules in the navigation menu as desired.

8 . Click Finish

With the ability to add custom modules with URLs, we have several exciting opportunities to enhance the user experience and provide valuable features within the app. Here are some possibilities and ideas:

In-App Content: Share articles, blogs, news, or other content directly within the app. This keeps users engaged and avoids the need to open an external browser.

Interactive Forms: Create forms and surveys within the app, allowing users to provide feedback, answer questions, or make requests conveniently.

Social Media Integration: Incorporate social media feeds, sharing options, etc.

In-App Chat or Support: Offer a customer support chat feature, enabling users to get assistance or information without leaving the app.

Feedback and Surveys: Collect user feedback, suggestions, and opinions through in-app surveys and feedback forms.

– and much more.

📚 Explore more about Whitelabel Mobile Customizer here 👈

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