Feature Update: Custom Menu Link: Pass Session Details to the iFrame for Marketplace App Installation

What’s New:

The ability for users to directly send session details to iFrame custom links.

Why did we do this?

We’ve received feedback that white-label agencies faced challenges when trying to get their clients to install specific marketplace apps. When they shared the installation link, clients were directed to “app.gohiglevel.com”, which didn’t align with the agency’s own branding. This disrupted the smooth white-label experience we aim to provide.

Our Solution:

To enhance the user experience and maintain the integrity of the white-label process, we’ve now integrated an option to include session details right in the IFrame custom links.

The key to this solution is the sessionKey query parameter. By attaching this to the app installation link within the custom menu settings, session details are effortlessly communicated, ensuring the interface remains consistent with the agency’s branding.

What You Need To Do:

When setting up or updating your custom menu links, simply append the sessionKey to your desired app installation link. This will ensure your clients experience a seamless installation process that remains within your branded environment.

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