Feature Update: Custom Form for Service Menu

What’s New?

Previously, the service menu collected only default information like name, email, and phone number from bookers. With this update, you can create personalized forms with all the fields you desire.

– These custom forms can be seamlessly integrated into your service menu.

– When a booker schedules an appointment, they’ll be prompted to fill out your tailored form.

– You can conveniently view the submitted details within the app under Sites > Forms > Submissions.

Note: Custom forms selected in the service menu will supersede any form selected at the individual calendar level.

How to Use?

1. Begin by creating your custom form. Navigate to Sites > Forms > Builder.

2. Craft your form with the specific questions you wish your clients to answer.

3. Once your form is ready, proceed to Calendar Settings > Service Menu.

4. Select the desired service menu and navigate to Service Menu Details.

5. Under Forms, choose the custom form you’ve created and save your selection.

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