Feature Update: Create Invoice Templates for Consistency and Automation – Available in Labs

– Businesses will now be able to create invoice templates. This will enable quick and easy creation of one-time/recurring invoices and will also enable sending invoices in a workflow using the same templates created

– This needs to be enabled at the sub-account level by heading under Settings > Labs and turning the toggle on for the feature

– Users will be able to convert any invoice created into a template using the `Convert to Template` action and give an appropriate name to it for future references

– Templates can contain all information related to business information, logo, invoice title, product line items, taxes, discounts, and terms. Customer information will be populated along with the issue date and due date while sending the invoice as per the invoice settings

– All templates will be listed on the `Templates` page under the Invoicing section. Quick actions on the templates page will enable the use of the template as a one-time invoice or a recurring invoice

– Users will be able to modify, rename, or delete the templates at any point in time

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