Feature Update: Courses – Offer Validity and Other Updates

What’s New?

1. Gone are those days of indefinite offers; now, seize the opportunity with limited-time validity, where every moment counts.

2. Explore three distinct pathways designed to empower learners:

Offers with Access Start Date Only: Dive into exclusive offers starting from a designated date, or provide early access.

Offers with Access Number of Days Only: Seize short-term deals available for a specified number of days, for limited-time accessibility.

Offers with both Access Start Date and Number of Days: Mark your calendars for exclusive launches and enjoy limited-time offers for a set duration, such as our holiday promotion.

Bug Fixes:

– Kajabi fixes to extract posts and videos

– Added customisation support for mark as complete button for quizzes and assignments

– Common Navbar UI Hotfixes

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