Feature Update: Conversation UI Enhancements and Fixes

We’ve added enhancements and fixes in this update, enriching your experience with our conversations page.

Here’s What’s New


PPTX Attachment Support: We’ve added support for uploading PPTX attachments. This expansion broadens the types of files supported for attachment uploads.

Extended Messaging Support: We’ve enhanced our API to now include support for adding Webchat, Facebook, and Instagram messages. This enriches the capabilities of our API, allowing both GHL developers and third-party developers to leverage it for a wider range of messaging options.

Custom Field Date Format Update: We’ve updated the date format used when compiling custom contact date-type files. The new format is “Mar 22nd, 2024”. This change ensures consistency across our service’s date formats, making them unambiguous for users across different locales.

Twilio Re-billing Support: We have now added re-billing support for showing approximate SMS cost in our Template builder. This enhancement enables our customers to provide a much closer approximate cost of their SMS messages, offering a better understanding of their expenses.


Enhanced Segment Count Logic: Previously, customers reported inconsistencies in segment calculation, leading to inaccurate estimations. We’ve revamped our approach by integrating Twilio’s SMS-segments-calculator package. This upgrade ensures precise segment calculations, guaranteeing reliable message delivery.

Improved Twilio Attachment Download: Some customers didn’t provide Twilio apiKey and apiSecret, causing difficulties in downloading attachments for incoming messages. We’ve addressed this by enhancing our attachment download logic. Now, regardless of whether apiKey and apiSecret are provided, attachments will be retrieved accurately, ensuring seamless display on our UI.

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