Feature Update: Conversation AI Trial Bot SandBox

Seamlessly integrated into your experience, the Trial Bot widget is designed to provide you with an instant and engaging Conversation AI testing environment.

# Key Features:

Dynamic Conversations in real-time: Experience a new way to try the Conversation AI bot. With the Bot Trial, you can now have conversations right on your screen even in the “OFF” mode, and thoroughly test the bot before taking it live.

Wonder how the bot performs in real-world scenarios?: The Bot Trial brings the full power of the bot’s autopilot mode (still in private beta) to your hands. Experience its adaptability and intelligence as it responds just as it would in autopilot mode and adds Information (FAQs) wherever the bot fails to respond.

Reset Conversation with Ease: The “Reset Conversation” button within the widget lets you clear the slate in an instant. Start anew, refine your approach, and explore endless possibilities.

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