Feature Update: Conversation AI – Bot Training with Google Docs 📄

We’re excited to unveil a much-requested and essential feature for Conversation AI – the ability to train the bot using Google Docs. This update brings a new dimension to how users can enhance the bot’s capabilities.

🪄 What’s New?

– Public Google Doc links can be used to train the conversation AI bot

🔗 How It Works?

Content Gathering: Add any information to a Google Doc. This can be from files, PDFs, documents, websites, manuals, etc.

Flexible Format: You can use free-form text, question & answer formats, or simply copy and paste content from various sources into the Google Doc.

Document Accessibility: Change the Google Doc’s permission setting to Anyone with the Link can View.

Training the Bot: Add the URL to the WebURL Based Bot training section to start training the bot with the new content.

📚 Explore more about How to Train a conversation AI bot here 👈

Get ready to elevate the bot’s intelligence and efficiency with this innovative new training method!

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