Feature Update: Contact Limits for SaaS Sub-Accounts

Agencies can now limit the number of contacts that can be created in SaaS sub-accounts.

Use Case: Offer limited contacts-based tier pricing on SaaS plans.

How It Works?

1. By default, all SaaS plans allow unlimited contacts for subscribed sub-accounts.

2. To set the contacts limit for SaaS plans, go to SaaS Configurator > Create/Update Plan > Usage Limits, and set the Contact Limit there.

3. Whenever a sub-account subscribes or upgrades to this plan, the contact limit will be applied to it.

4. It is also possible to override the contact limit set through a plan for particular sub-accounts. To do this, go to Sub-Accounts > Manage Client > Usage Limits and update the limit there.

This limit will be applicable until the sub-account’s plan is changed (upgraded or manually updated), which is when the limit from the new plan will automatically get applied.


– This is a soft limit, i.e. more contacts can still be created and used even after the limit has been exhausted. Just an un-dismissible warning will start showing at the top of the Contacts page, asking the user to upgrade their plan.

– This feature is only available for sub-accounts that have SaaS mode enabled and are subscribed to a SaaS plan.

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