Feature Update: Contact Engagement Score Triggers and Actions

We are excited to introduce new functionalities to our workflows, focusing on enhancing how you interact with and manage Contact Engagement Scores. These features provide you with greater flexibility and control, allowing for more personalised and responsive engagement strategies.

What’s New?

Contact Engagement Score – Trigger:

– This new trigger allows users to initiate any workflow actions when there’s an update to a contact’s Engagement Score. To offer precise control, we’ve included the ability to apply filters based on various numerical conditions related to the score.

These conditions include:

– Equal to a specific score

– Not equal to a specific score

– Greater than a specific score

– Greater than or equal to a specific score

– Less than a specific score

– Less than or equal to a specific score

– Is empty

– Is not empty

Modify Contact Engagement Score – Action:

This action allows you to add to or subtract from a contact’s existing score, providing a straightforward method to update engagement levels based on interactions or behaviours.

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