Feature Update: Consent Checkbox for A2P Compliance – Calendar default forms

About the Release:

This release introduces an important update to ensure compliance with A2P (Application-to-Person) regulations in the United States. To meet the upcoming requirements, we have added a new Consent checkbox for the default forms in the Calendar settings. This allows users to include consent when collecting phone information.

What’s new

– The consent checkbox has been added in the Calendar settings, and would automatically appear when user selects the default form to collect contact’s information.

– This is because the default form in Calendars have the Phone number field and to be compliant we had to do this.

The inclusion of the consent checkbox in calendar default form submissions ensures compliance with A2P regulations.


Compliance: This release ensures adherence to upcoming A2P regulations by providing an easy way to include consent for phone information collection.

Customisability: Users have the flexibility to add, modify, or remove the Terms and Conditions element as required, tailoring it to their specific needs.

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