Feature Update: Connect Multiple Google Business Profile Pages to a Sub-Account

Introducing the ability to connect multiple GBP pages to a sub-account and track all of its assets (leads, messages, ratings, and reviews) seamlessly in one place.

What’s New?

Multiple GBP Pages Connection per Sub-Account: You now have the flexibility to connect several GBP pages to a single sub-account. This integration allows for more streamlined management and oversight of your online presence across different locations or business units.

Centralized Conversations Tab: All messages from the connected GBP pages can now be viewed in one consolidated location under the conversations tab. To aid in organisation and response efficiency, each message will display the corresponding page it originated from.

Unified Contact Management: Ability to view and monitor all contacts in one sub-account. Contacts created by messages, reviews, etc., will be stored under a connected sub-account, with the source (page name) mentioned on the contact details page.

Reputation Tab for All Reviews: Reviews from all connected GBP pages are aggregated under the reputation tab, making it simpler to monitor and respond to customer feedback.

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