Feature Update: Conditional Logic in Forms πŸš€

With this new addition, you can elevate your forms by incorporating conditional logic to automate actions based on user interactions. Easily manage, edit, and fine-tune your conditions for a seamless form-building experience.

πŸ₯³ What’s New? πŸ₯³

1. Multiple Conditions Support: Seamlessly combine multiple conditions using logical operators like AND or OR.

2. Whether you’re dealing with standard or custom fields, we’ve got operations for every data type.

3. Diverse Operations: Take control with a plethora of operations at your fingertips. Choose from operations like contains, equal to/not equal to, starts with/ends with, is empty/is filled, greater than/less than, before/after, and more.

4. Limitless Logic: No need to hold back – you can add as many conditional logics as needed. Our top-down execution ensures that once a condition is met, further evaluation comes to a halt.

5. Flexible Editing: After setting your conditions, retain full control. Edit, delete, or reorder them as you see fit, ensuring your forms are finely tuned to perfection.

πŸ”₯ How It Works πŸ”₯

– Navigate to the Conditional Logic section, located under the Secondary Header bar in Form Builder.

– Select the type of logic you wish to configure:

– Display custom messages

– Redirect to specific URLs

– Disqualify leads

– Save your conditions, along with your form, and witness the magic unfold.

Our Conditional Logic modal lets you define rules that trigger actions like displaying custom messages, redirecting to specific URLs, or even disqualifying leads.

🌟 Important Notes 🌟

– Switching between β€˜AND’ and β€˜OR’ automatically updates all operations accordingly.

– Only relevant fields appear in your drop downs, ensuring a clutter-free experience.

– Conditional logic takes precedence over on-submit messages or redirects, ensuring your rules are followed.

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