Feature Update: Communities Updates

Hey there! We’ve got some exciting updates in this release to make the user experience even better:


– Search Members by email

– Group Admins/Owners can now search for members on the members page and also while tagging them in comments and posts using email Ids.


– Group Admins will no more be a part of the leaderboards to allow non-admin members to be part of the leaderboard. This will bring more engagement in the groups by motivating members to generate quality content.

Backend Caching

Added a layer of Redis cache on some extremely frequent database reads. This will significantly lower the read and compute time spent by service on mongo

Bug Fixes

– Fixed a bug in leaderboard calculation that was inflating the points of some users of the groups

– Fixed known issues with role-based filter in members screen.

– Fixed 5xx error in reactions API

– Optimised & removed extremely heavy reads on the database

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