Feature Update: Communities – Simplified Member Invitations!🌟

We’ve enhanced the way to invite new members to the Community, making it easier and more personalized than ever! Check out these exciting new features that are live now.

🪄 What’s New

👥 Invite via Email

– Admins and Owners can initiate the invitation process directly from the ‘People’ tab by clicking the ‘Invite Member’ button.

📤 Personalised Invitations

– Admins and Owners can enter the name and email of the person they wish to invite, adding a personal touch to the invitation

🗝️ Admin Privileges

– Admins and Owners can also choose to grant admin privileges to the invited member when they join, giving them enhanced control and access

📧 Automated Email Notifications

– Upon clicking the ‘Invite‘ button, an automatic email notification will be sent to the invited person, simplifying the invitation process

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