Feature Update: Communities – Paid Groups

We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of paid groups for both private and public communities. This exciting feature opens up new avenues for monetizing your community platform and generating revenue.

Private Paid Groups

For private paid groups, users pay to access premium content and interactive features within the community, while the admin and owners can still accept or deny their membership and choose who actually joins the group.

Public Paid Groups

In public paid groups, users must make a payment before starting to interact with the community’s valuable content.

Communities Payment Integration

Our integration with the GHL Payments product facilitates secure transactions through leading platforms like NMI, Authorize.net, and Stripe. This streamlines the payment process, encouraging frequent transactions and boosting overall revenue.

Subscription and Billing

Recurring/One-Time Subscription and Billing Periods

Communities now support one-time and recurring payments, offering flexible billing periods, including monthly and annually. This caters to diverse user preferences, ensuring a steady revenue stream over time.

Paid Communities Group with Trial Days

Paid groups now offer trial days, allowing users to experience the community environment and content for free for a limited period. This serves as a powerful marketing tool, attracting potential users and driving increased conversions and revenue post-trial. The trial period can be set up only for Recurring subscriptions

Paid Group Notifications

Users and admins will receive detailed notifications for each payment made within the paid group. These notifications enhance transparency and trust, contributing to sustained user engagement and revenue flow.

Users and admins will also be promptly notified in case of denied access requests or removal from the group.

Admins and users get notifications on subscription cancellations.

Payment Test Mode

Admins can enable payment test mode for testing end-to-end flow.

How to Create a Paid Group

– Begin by setting up a group and selecting its type: Public or Private (located under Settings > Details).

– Go to Settings > Subscriptions and choose between offering the group for free or setting a price.

– Customize Price Details: Specify the amount, type(recurring/one-time), billing period, and trial days to entice users.

– Click “Add” and then “Save” to make the magic happen!

– Keep an eye on your inbox, as each payment for a paid group triggers an email notification for admins with all the payment details.

How Users Interact with Communities Groups

– For one-time payments, look out for “Subscribe for $X” and for recurring payments, watch for “Subscribe for $X/month

– Click on the “Subscribe” option, which will guide you through entering your payment details using our payment intent modal.

– Once your payment is complete, you’ll gain access to the group after passing our standard approval process.

– Get ready for the sweet sound of success! After making the payment, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email.

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