Feature Update: Communities – Mobile Enhancements

Hey there! We’ve got some exciting updates and fixes in this release to make the user experience even better:


Hamburger Menu and Side Bar:

– Introducing the Hamburger Menu for quick and easy access to essential functionalities, which have been missing from the mobile device user’s experience.

– Navigate effortlessly through the app using the Side Bar for a more organized user experience.

Channel and Group Switching on Mobile:

– Easily switch between channels and groups with the new intuitive interface on any mobile device.

– Now access the Switch Channel and Group features for a seamless navigation experience on mobile devices as well.

Bottom Navigation Bar:

– Enjoy improved navigation with the new Bottom Navigation Bar, providing quick access to key app features and sections.

– Enhancements to the user interface for a more streamlined and user-friendly mobile experience.

Mobile Native Comment Editor and Drawers Enhancements:

– Experience a more native feel with the Mobile Native Comment Editor for efficient comment management.

– Existing drawers have been enhanced and new ones added to key user interactions to provide a smoother and more responsive user experience on mobile devices.

Notification Mobile Screen Enhancement:

– Improved Notification screen on mobile devices for a more informative and engaging experience.

– Easily manage and respond to notifications with the enhanced mobile notification interface.

This release brings significant enhancements to the mobile user interface and overall beauty of the application for mobile devices, offering improved navigation, comment editing, and notification management.

Stay tuned for the upcoming integration of a unified Bottom Navigation Bar across all our apps for a consistent user experience.

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