Feature Update: Communities – Enhanced Interaction with Tagging & Notifications! 🌟

We’re thrilled to announce new features to make interactions within groups more engaging and informative. Now, members can tag each other, and never miss out on any conversations, thanks to automated email notifications!

Tag Members: 🏷️

– Group members can now tag each other in posts and comments by just typing “@“.

– This will help communities to engage and interact better with their members.

“@” Auto Tagging: 🔄

– Comment authors are auto-tagged when someone replies to comments, which helps notify the comment authors about the replies on their comments.

– Keeps conversations fluid and ensures authors are aware of ongoing discussions.

Automated Email Notifications: 📧

– Members will receive email alerts when tagged in a post or a comment.

– Notifications include auto-login links for quick access to conversations.

Visual Insights 📸

a sneak peek into how these enhancements enrich user interaction and interface!

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