Feature Update: Collective Booking – Calendars

# Feature Overview

Experience the power of collective event types, enabling attendees to effortlessly arrange meetings with multiple team members at once. Ideal for scheduling:

Embark on a dynamic sales call, engaging an account executive and an SDR simultaneously.

Dive into a seamless technical support call, where a customer support rep and an engineer join forces to tackle any challenge.

Seize the opportunity for insightful interviews, connecting with a recruiter and a hiring manager in a single session.

With collective event types, elevate your scheduling game and unlock a new level of productivity and collaboration.

# How does Collective Booking work?

The Collective Booking calendar allows multiple users or team members to share a common calendar. When someone wants to schedule an appointment with the team members, they can see available time slots based on the combined availability of all the team members in the collective booking calendar.

Link to FAQs Document: Collective Booking

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