Feature Update: Cart Icon Element for E-commerce Stores

What’s New?

– Newly created e-commerce stores will now have a Cart icon that is added to the Navigation menu. The menu will be automatically added to all the e-commerce pages except the Checkout page.

– Users can also add a cart icon independently anywhere in the store.

– This allows users to navigate to the cart page with a single click.

– The cart icon also shows the number of products present in the cart.

How can I use it?

– You can access the cart icon in two ways

– All newly added navigation menus in e-commerce stores only, will have a cart icon automatically added on the right side of the menu

– There is a standalone cart icon present in Elements > Stores in the builder where the cart icon can be added again anywhere on the site.

– If you would like to customize the color of the cart icon, both the Cart icon color and the active color (Color when items are present in the cart) can be customized in both the navigation menu settings as well as the cart element settings

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