Feature Update: Capability to Delete a Payment Link

What’s New?

– Addressing numerous agency requests, we’ve implemented the ability to delete payment links directly from the payment links dashboard.

– The purpose of this feature is to remove the payment links from the dashboard that are no longer useful for business users.

– Audit logs would be generated for the payment links that are deleted from the system.

– Once deleted the payment links won’t be accessible to the end user for capturing payments and show up a 404 page.

How to Use?

– Head over to the Payments Page

– Go to Payment Links Tab > Click on the three dots option for any payment link > choose delete

– Once the confirmation modal opens up > choose ok and voila your dashboard will now be refreshed and the payment link is deleted.

– To check the audit logs one can go to Settings > Audit Logs > Filters > Payment Links for the same.

Delete Option

Delete Payment Modal

Delete Payment Link

Audit Logs Page

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