Feature Update: Bulk Actions & Search for Uploaded Links to Streamline Your Bot Training – Conversation AI

Bulk Delete, Refresh, and Search for Uploaded links in Bot Training

Multi-Select for Bulk Operations

Multi-select URLs:

Select Multiple URLs at Once for Bulk Actions: This feature allows for quicker and more efficient management of your URLs.

Bulk Delete:

Effortless Deletion: Easily delete multiple selected URLs with just a click. This feature is perfect for cleaning up your Uploaded Links table and keeping it organized.

Bulk Refresh:

Instant Updates: Refresh the training of selected URLs in bulk. This ensures your bot is up-to-date with the latest information from your chosen links.

Enhanced Search Functionality:

Search by URL or Title: Quickly find URLs using either their web address or title. This streamlined search functionality saves time and simplifies the process of locating specific URLs in your table.

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