Feature Update: Branded Domains for Sub-Accounts

We are excited to announce the release of a significant enhancement in our system, addressing a crucial concern raised by our valued customers, we are introducing the ability for customers to add domains at the sub-account level, providing greater customization and control over outbound communications.

Why it’s needed?

– Previously, our users faced challenges with the use of Greylabel domains across all agencies and sub-accounts.

– This posed a potential risk, as a negative reputation from one sub-account could affect the deliverability of emails for all users sharing the same domain. This resulted in emails being marked as spam, impacting the overall communication effectiveness.

What has changed?

– To mitigate this issue and empower our users with more control, we have implemented domain customization at the sub-account level.

– Now, each agency or sub-account can add and use its unique brand domain within email templates, invoices, forms, and other outbound links. This ensures that the reputation of a domain is isolated to the specific sub-account, safeguarding deliverability for all users.

How to Use?

– Create a CNAME at your DNS provider pointing to “link.msgsndr.com

– Navigate to Sub-Account Settings > Company section.

– Add your branded domain under the Branded Domain input field

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