Feature Update: Brand New Footer in Survey Builder 🚀

🔥Unveiling an Exciting Release🔥

Explore Survey Design: Immerse yourself in the world of survey design.

More Control: We’re introducing new customization options for survey footers.

Tailor Your Footer: Customize themes, background, font, height, progress bar, button color, position, and text.

Empowerment: Gain the power to match your survey’s footer with your branding and style.

🥳 What’s New

Choose Your Theme: Customise your survey footer with different themes, including a percentage progress bar or steps progress bar.

Tailor the Look: Modify the background, font, and height of your survey footer to align it with your brand identity.

Progress Made Easy: Adjust the progress bar’s appearance to suit your style and preferences.

Button Colour and Position: Customise the button colour and position within the footer for a polished look.

Experience Slide-Sticking Footer: Now, your footer can stick to each slide, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Real-Time Preview: Live preview your footer customisations directly within the builder for instant feedback.

🌟Important Note🌟

:bookmark_tabs: For newly created surveys, the new footer customisation options will be enabled by default and cannot be turned off.

:bookmark_tabs: For existing surveys, the default old footer will be retained. However, you have the option to toggle on the new footer customisation options for an upgraded look and feel.

🔥Current look of the surveys

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