Feature Update: Beta Release: Introducing the New and Improved Agency Billing Page 🚀

We’re thrilled to announce the Beta release of our enhanced Agency Billing Page. It comes with a fresh look, added power, and exciting new features!

New Feature Highlights

3DS Mandated Cards Support: Now you can add 3DS mandated cards, which are supported for subscription renewal, upgrades, and manual wallet recharge.

Detailed Transaction View: Easily view transactions for specific sub-accounts ✨, and filter them by each transaction type.

Separate Charges and Invoices: Both charges and invoices are now displayed separately, along with their statuses.

Accurate Refund Charges Display: Refund charges are now presented accurately, ensuring clarity.

Independent Billing Address: The billing address is now treated separately from the company address, providing better organization.

🚀 How to Enable

To explore this powerful new billing experience,

– Navigate to Agency Settings > Labs > Toggle Agency Billing V2

👀 sneak peek

Our newly revamped Agency Billing Page aims to enhance your control and understanding of billing processes, offering a smoother and more intuitive experience. Give it a try and discover what’s new!

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