Feature Update: Automate Follower Management in Contacts!

Struggling to keep your followers updated in contacts? Say goodbye to manual updates and hello to automation with our latest feature release! Here’s what’s new:

Feature Details

Previously, users faced challenges automating the addition and removal of followers in contacts, leading to inefficiencies and manual workarounds.

We’re thrilled to introduce the ability to add and remove followers directly within contacts via workflows!

How It Works?

Seamlessly integrate the add and remove follower actions into your workflows in the Contacts section.

Use the “Add Contact Followers” to automate the addition of followers to a contact by selecting users you’d like to add as follower

Use the “Remove Contact Followers” to remove all or selected followers from the contact.

Why It Matters?

Streamlined Processes: Automate follower management to save time and eliminate manual tasks.

Enhanced Efficiency: Ensure that your contacts stay up-to-date with the right followers, without the need for manual intervention.

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