Feature Update: Auto-Pilot Mode – Conversation AI Bot

We are excited to launch the open beta for the “Auto-Pilot” mode of the Conversation AI Bot. The Auto-pilot mode enables you to respond to leads and conversations instantly at any time of the day or night.

# Access

Head over to the Conversation AI settings in the Sub-Account Settings and you will a new mode “Auto-Pilot” available in the “Bot Settings” tab

# Features:

In the Auto-pilot mode, whenever an inbound message arrives, the bot waits for a configured amount of time before collecting all messages of that conversation and replying to the contact.

– Auto-pilot is available for the 3 channels SMS, Facebook, and Instagram. The channels can be configured in the Bot Settings tab

– Auto-pilot bot only replies to an inbound message and in case of a manual or a workflow-based message, the bot goes to sleep for 2 hours

– Every Auto-pilot Bot’s message will contain Thumbs up and Thumbs down to provide feedback, add FAQs, and train the bot

– A timer will be displayed for a contact within the conversation box whenever the auto-pilot is activated and an inbound message is received indicating that the bot is in the process of replying to that conversation

# Advanced Auto-Pilot Settings

Available in the Bot Settings tab of Conversation AI settings in sub-account settings

1. Business Name – Configure the Business name for the conversation AI bot

2. Wait time before responding – Many times customers tend to send multiple messages one after another. The bot will wait for this amount of time before it replies to the contact. This time gives the bot the ability to collect all messages together and respond to them in one go. Choose any time between 1 second and 5 minutes. The default limit is 2 mins

3. Maximum messages a bot can send to a contact – The bot will go to sleep for that contact if this limit is reached in that conversation. To activate the bot again, mark the conversation as “Read”. The default limit is 10 messages in a single conversation

Try out the Auto-Pilot mode today and let us know how we can make it better for you.

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