Feature Update: Apple Pay and Google Pay Now Supported for Invoice and Text2Pay Link Payments

– Migrated the card element for invoice payments to the payment element which will dynamically show the option to pay using Google Pay or Apple Pay based on the customer’s country, browser, and enabled Google/Apple wallets

– The toggle on the integrations page is only for order form payments. Google Pay and Apple Pay will work for invoices without any additional step requirements apart from using Stripe Connect

– There will be no change in the reporting of transactions, triggers, and recording payments for invoices

– Apple Pay and Google Pay are compatible with both recurring and one-time charges

– We will automatically register the domain used for hosting invoices from the business Stripe account for seamless display of the Apple Pay payment method on invoices.

– Only available with Stripe and no other payment provider

– Help article – Apple Pay and Google Pay in invoices and Text2Pay links

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