Feature Update: App Marketplace: Install & Resell Paid Apps

Introducing the ability for agencies and subaccounts to install paid apps and agencies to resell apps to their sub-accounts.

Agency: Installing Paid Apps & Reselling to Subaccounts

– Agencies can now seamlessly browse and install paid apps.

– Agencies also have the option to install paid apps for their subaccounts, with the cost being charged to each subaccount’s linked card.

Resell Marketplace Apps to Their Clientele.

– By default, the reselling option comes enabled with a pre-set markup.

– Adjust the markup for each app plan.

– Customize reselling prices for individual subaccounts if required.

Note: The reselling option is available for agencies across all plans (97, 297, 497).

– Agencies can monitor app installations and related activities via audit logs.

Subaccounts: Browsing & Installing Paid Apps

– Subaccounts can explore and install paid apps from the app marketplace.

They have the ability to:

– Go through the various pricing options, choose a suitable one, and proceed with the installation.

Note: If the payment method is set to Highlevel, subaccounts must link a card to their account to complete the installation process.

– Subaccounts can also keep tabs on app installations and associated activities through audit logs.

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