Feature Update: Agency Permissions: Marketplace Apps (white-labelled)

Introducing the ability for white-labelled agencies to control the availability of apps for their sub-accounts. Agencies can now decide which apps their sub-accounts can view and install, offering a tailored experience.

What’s New?

Bulk Selection: Agencies that are white-labelled can now bulk select or individually choose apps to approve or disapprove for their sub-accounts.

On Approval: Once an app is approved, sub-account users gain the capability to view these marketplace apps and install them without any hitches.

On Disapproval: If an app is disapproved, it becomes invisible to sub-account users. Furthermore, if the app had been previously installed by the sub-account, it will automatically be uninstalled.

Default Behaviour

By default, all apps are set to an “approved” status for subaccounts. Agency users have the option to manually disapprove them either individually or in bulk.

Advanced Settings

3rd Party Marketplace Apps: Agencies are provided with an option to enable or disable third-party marketplace apps for subaccount access. More details below:

Enabled: If this option is turned on, any new app that is launched in the marketplace with a subaccount type will be readily available for subaccounts to view and install. This is, of course, unless the agency decides to disapprove them.

Disabled: In contrast, if this feature is turned off, all existing and future apps that are introduced to the marketplace will not be accessible to subaccounts. All these apps will be set to a “disapproved” status by default.

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