Feature Update: Agency Level Audit Logs for Snapshot Actions: Increased Visibility and Accountability 🔎

We’re thrilled to introduce a crucial enhancement that will streamline your support process and increase transparency – Snapshot-based Audit Logs at the Agency level! 🎉

🌟 Key Improvements:

🛠️ Streamlined Support Process:

– Say goodbye to the continuous flow of support tickets regarding changes in sub-accounts caused by snapshots.

– With Snapshot-based Audit Logs, agencies can directly access relevant information, significantly reducing the need for support tickets.

📊 Enhanced Visibility and Accountability:

– We’ve added snapshots as a filter in the Audit Logs, providing an enhanced view of actions performed within the system.

– This transparency allows the agency to identify who’s responsible for specific changes, promoting accountability.

🔍 Comprehensive Tracking:

– Snapshot-based Audit Logs provide detailed tracking when snapshots are Created, Updated, Deleted, Pushed, or Refreshed.

– By clicking on “View Details”, can access in-depth information about specific elements that underwent changes during these actions.

This enhancement makes it easier than ever to keep track of actions in your agency, saving you time and effort! 📢

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