Feature Update: Affiliate Manager – Change the Names of Modules to Anything You Like!! 😍

Name Affiliate manager tabs to anything you like in any language! 😇 Introducing the Catalyst Network Command Center! Unleash the potential of your affiliate program with these dynamic customisation settings! :boom: Name the affiliates as promoters or referrers, Campaigns to Funnels, Payout to Payment.

😇 Renaming Tabs From “Affiliate Manager” to a Different Name Can Offer Several Advantages

1. Customization: By choosing a name that aligns more closely with your specific operations or industry, you can tailor the tab’s label to better reflect its purpose within your system.

2. Clarity and Understanding: A new name can make the tab’s function more intuitive, reducing the potential for confusion among users who may not be familiar with the term “Affiliate Manager.”

3. Alignment with Branding: The renamed tab can be designed to better align with your brand identity, creating a more cohesive and professional user experience.

4. Increased User Engagement: A more descriptive or appealing tab name can potentially draw more attention and encourage users to explore and engage with the content or features behind it.

5. Improved User Experience: A well-chosen tab name can enhance the overall usability and navigation of your platform, making it easier for users to find and access the information or tools they need.

6. Enhanced User Satisfaction: When users find it easier to locate and use features, they are more likely to have a positive experience with your platform, which can lead to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

🤗 How to Rename the Affiliate Manager?

1. Go to Marketing > Affiliate manager

2. Go to Settings in Affiliate Manager

3. Rename the tabs according to your brand

Note – it will replace everywhere the name is used inside Affiliate Manager

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