Feature Update: ACH Direct Debit Payments on Invoices || Accept Payments from Customers with a US Bank Account

– ACH Direct Debit is now available as a payment method with Stripe on invoices and Tex2Pay links

– This supports one-time invoices, Text2Pay links, and recurring invoices along with auto-payments

– Stripe lets your customers securely share their financial data by linking their financial accounts to your business

– Customize the business logo under Stripe Settings > Branding and business name under Settings > Public to ensure the correct name and logo get used on the payment modal

– Businesses can use the saved bank information to record payments for future invoices as well. Saved bank information will appear alongside saved card information under the Record Payment option

– US Bank Account option will be visible alongside Apple Pay and Google Pay along with the card, if applicable in the customer geography.

– Refer to the help article for further help – ACH Debit Payment Method on Invoices

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