Feature Update: Ability to View & Track Activities

Introducing Activity Cards, a new feature that provides a consolidated view of essential updates, enhancing users’ experience with our platform. With Activity Cards, users can now stay up to date on all essential changes in real time without having to navigate to other modules.

Here are the key updates covered by this feature:

Opportunities – Activity cards are created in real time when any new opportunity is created, updated or deleted ensuring users are aware of potential leads from the start and are always in the loop. Users can click on ‘View Opportunity’ on the card and make real-time changes.

Appointments – When any appointment is created, rescheduled, or canceled, users will see an activity card in the conversation panel, thus keeping the users always updated. Users can click on ‘view appointment’ and edit the appointment all without having to move away from the conversation panel

DND – If contact is marked as “Do Not Disturb,” or removed from DnD, activity cards will be populated to notify users about the current preference

Invoices – To improve transparency activity cards will be shown when an invoice is sent to a contact or payment is received from a contact. Users can click on ‘View Invoice’ and they will be redirected to a new tab to view the detailed invoice

*This feature is now available in Labs under the title: Activity cards in Conversations ( Location)*

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