Feature Update: A2P Registration and TF Verification Upgrades and Product Enhancements

A2P Verification

1. Introducing the A2P Verified status at a number level on the “Manage Number” tabs inside Location Settings > Phone Numbers. This would not be visible for non-verified numbers at this moment.

2. Sole Prop Brands and Campaign will have only 1 number linked to it and the same can be seen in the UI.

3. Standard Brands and Campaigns can have multiple numbers linked and all of them can be seen on the UI.

4. Additionally, We’ve introduced a convenient feature that allows you to link a specific number to the A2P option directly from the “Manage Numbers” page, making the process even more user-friendly in case a number is not linked or you want to link a different number in case of Sole Prop.

5. Now, we automatically delink and relink numbers to the A2P campaign after encountering A2P errors in the case of Sole Prop, ensuring only one number is linked and a smoother communication.

6. We’ve added the Export feature on the phone integration page, providing more comprehensive information regarding A2P, Phone Systems, etc.

Toll-Free Verification Badge

– We have introduced the TF Verification badge, placed below the numbers, mirroring the A2P Verified status badge. This enhancement simplifies the verification process, allowing users to initiate it with a simple click on the badge.

– To ensure a smoother user experience, we’ve minimized toll-free API calls on the “Manage Numbers” page. This optimization not only accelerates screen loading but also eliminates delays.

Re-Route SMS Traffic via Toll-Free

– This flow will be triggered when the toll=free number is a US number AND the A2P Campaign Starter or Standard is not approved AND the from number is US AND the format is not +1 8 XX (Toll-Free)

– If the location has one toll-free number we will use it.

– If the location has multiple then use the one which is default, if none are default we will fetch randomly.

Enhancements and Bugs

Toll-Free Registration Flow

– Add Sample Examples in the form similar to the A2P flow for all the open text fields

– Fix the Postal code validation to allow non-numeric text

Campaign Failure Reason and A2P Flow Enhancements

– All the Failed/Rejected campaigns will now have associated failure reasons with it

– The Campaign Registration flow has Sample examples that can be easily copied and even can be seen while filling out the form

– Canada now only accepts BN-9 as the registration number so CCN has been removed

– Gave more priority to “Only 1 Phone Number allowed” in the Sole Prop Brand Info

– Added more prominent info “Only 1 number is allowed to be linked to a Sole Prop Campaign. Once approved your default number will be linked automatically.” in the Sole Prop Campaign Reg flow.

Phone Number, Number Pool, and Advance Settings

– Fixed issue with incorrect forwarding in Number Pool for Incoming Calls.

– Resolved the inactive status update problem in the case of Number Pool.

– Resolved issue with updation of Call Connect Status and Whisper Message for improved call flow.

– Started removing Number info during the deletion of normal or Number Pool numbers to avoid any sync or billing issues.

– The SMS provider list was not showing the provider’s name correctly, this has been fixed.

– Resolved rate limit error in Toll-free verification preventing ‘too many requests’ error during toll-free registration or status fetching flow.

– Number Purchase loop issue because of which Phone number was not getting bought

– Reg Bundle selection flow has been imported to avoid failure in buying numbers

– Character Limit validation added to the TF flow fields to avoid failures

– Added all countries in the address drop-down for TF registrations

– Advance Settings refresh was changing the default custom provider on UI, this is fixed now.

– Custom SMS Providers were not getting displayed which has been fixed now.

Note – These features have been live in the product since 22nd September and a few prior to that.

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